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Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a 2018 virtual reality platform video game developed by SIE Japan Studio's ASOBI Team and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4's PlayStation VR headset. It is a spiritual successor to 2013's The Playroom and the first installment in the Astro Bot franchise.

Rescue Mission follows the exploits of Astro Bot, who has to rescue his crewmates across five worlds. Players team up with Astro Bot as they journey across the various game worlds and rescue the lost crewmates, with a total of 20 levels and over 200 missing robots. Gameplay is divided between controlling the game's camera through headset movements and controlling Astro Bot's movements through the DualShock 4 controller.

The characters of Astro Bot Rescue Mission are derived from The Playroom, which served as pre-installed tech demo title for the PlayStation 4's camera in 2013. Development on Astro Bot Rescue Mission began following the positive feedback of "Robot Rescue", one of the mini-games presented in The Playroom, and lasted for 18 months. A team of 25 people worked on the game, led by game director Nicolas Doucet.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission received critical acclaim upon its release, with several critics citing it among the best virtual reality titles at the time of its release. Considerable praise was given to the game's innovative translation of platform gameplay to VR format and overall utilization of the PlayStation VR. It was nominated for several awards, winning a variety of them for its virtual reality innovations. A follow-up, Astro's Playroom, was released in 2020 as a pre-installed launch title for the PlayStation 5.



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