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SIE Japan Studio was a Japanese game developer located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1993 as one of the earliest game development studios under Sony Interactive Entertainment, and operated under the SIE Worldwide Studios banner. As of 2017, the studio comprised of at least 200 employees. [2]

SIE Japan Studio served as a collaborator or overseer of game projects commissioned to external developers, and has developed to all gaming platforms released by parent company Sony. It is responsible for several collaborations with third-party developers like Clap Handz, Acquire, FromSoftware, Level-5, Arc Entertainment, Media.Vision, NanaOn-Sha and Bluepoint Games, which produced titles such as the Everybody's Golf franchise, Demon's Souls, Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle, the Arc the Lad series, Bloodborne, the Alundara series, PaRappa the Rapper and Soul Sacrifice.

SIE Japan operated in several teams. The studio used to house Team Ico (2001 - 2011), a small division formerly headed by Fumito Ueda which developed the critically acclaimed Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian, and Team Gravity (1998 - 2020), which developed the Siren and Gravity Rush franchises; at the time of its disbandment, housed ASOBI Team, which develops games related to Astro Bot and became its successor. Internally, SIE Japan developed several titles through uncategorized or unnamed teams, most notably the Ape Escape series of platform games. Other games under its resume include the 1999 role-playing game The Legend of Dragoon, the LocoRoco and Knack franchises and 2013's Puppeteer.

On February 25 2021, Sony announced that Japan Studio will be reconstructed, centralizing game development around Team Asobi and effectively disbanding the studio. On April 1, the reconstruction was completed, with Team Asobi gaining autonomy and the rest of the studio either let go, transferred to Asobi or absorbed into SIE.


1993-1999: First years[]

1999-2006: PlayStation 2 era[]

2006-2013: PlayStation 3 era[]

2013-2020: PlayStation 4 era[]

2020-2021: PlayStation 5 era[]

2021: Reconstruction into Asobi Team[]

Internal divisions[]

Exact / Sugar & Rockets[]

Team Ico[]

Project Siren / Team Gravity[]

Team Asobi[]

Games developed[]

In-house productions[]

  • Jumping Flash (1995) - PlayStation Developed by in-house team Exact(Sugar & Rockets), co-development with Ultra
  • Jumping Flash 2 (1996) - PlayStation Developed by in-house team Exact(Sugar & Rockets), co-development with MuuMuu
  • PopoloCrois (1996) - PlayStation Developed by in-house team Exact(Sugar & Rockets), co-development with G-Artists
  • Eigo no Tetsujin: Center Shiken Trial (1996) - PlayStation


  • Wild Arms (1996) - PlayStation (developed with Media.Vision)
  • Wild Arms 2 (1999) - PlayStation (developed with Media.Vision)
  • Mainichi Issho (2007) - PlayStation 3 (developed with Bexide and Game Arts)
  • Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 (2007) - PlayStation 3 (developed with Millennium Kitchen)
  • Folklore (2007) - PlayStation 3 (developed with Game Republic and Gaia)
  • No Heroes Allowed! VR (2017) - PlayStation 4(PlayStation VR) (developed with Acquire)